Back in Paris for the weekend, I realised that I miss it so much!

Paris and London are SO different, I love these two cities but I can’t decide which one I like the most this is for me impossible!

On one hand, London is huge and there are so many different things to do every day, everywhere. I think London with New York are the most dynamic cities that I ever visit. It never sleeps and it is a feeling that I truly love and makes you feel that everything is possible in this city. In addition, the nightlife is as anywhere else.

However, this is way too much expensive, the tube, rents, restaurants, bars .. all of those things are costly and you definitely need to earn a lot of money if you would like to settle in London and enjoy a certain way of life.

On the other hand, Paris is beautiful, its architecture is invaluable and the french way of life is unique. Strolling around the Seine river, enjoying a croissant or a glass of wine outside on a terrace is priceless (maybe I like all of this because I am french haha).

Nonetheless, Paris isn’t dynamic and creative as London is.
Indeed, Paris seems to be asleep, a city that only stays in its own element without evolving. For instance, the tube close around 2 am in the weekend when London it’s open all the night or all the shops even grocery shops are mostly closed on Sunday when in London everything is open!
I love these two cities and I am blessed I was lucky enough to live in both of them.


FullSizeRender 2.jpg

NB: Photos are mine !

Which city do you prefer?


One thought on “PARIS vs LONDON

  1. Pery says:

    Absolutely difficult to choose between London and Paris but even London seems to be more modern, as people say Paris is always a good idea and to me it’s very classy and elegant.


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