Heineken & politics

Hi everyone,

Yesterday was a special day for me, as you might know, this was the first round of the french presidential elections.. Politics is not a subject that everyone likes to speak about as it often divides people.

Hopefully, Heineken’s motto is “Open your world” to open people’s minds with a new publicity stunt created by Publicis London.

Indeed, Heineken made an experience and invited two people with radically opposed politics ideas to discuss many things. At the end of the experiment, they revealed their political opinions in a video.

Despite the fact that they aren’t sharing the same political ideas, they still would like to enjoy a beer together. Even if this experiment does not really mean something, the message conveyed by this ad is fundamental.

Heineken would like to try to bring their brand in people’s mind as the brand that is trying to bring together people with their differences, through discussions or controversial topics as LGBT, feminism or ecology with the aim to understand others without convincing them.

I truly like this advertising campaign, it is really clever to use this subject to gather people.



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