An original photo booth


In Germany, an association that defends women rights asked a PR agency to create a clever campaign to raise awareness about domestic violence as one in four women in Germany are battered.

For this reason, the campaign targeted an iconic object of the city of Berlin: the photo booth in black and white with four prints!

However, on one of this four pictures, the women’s face only on the print got her face modified, that means she has fake bruises on it. Afterward, when you get the print the message for the campaign is explained.

In short, people that thought they were taking a picture for on a simple photo booth are discovering the result when they are taking the print as this photo booth was only there for this shocking campaign.

I think this campaign is interesting, as it really creates a surprise as you don’t expect this astonish and frightening result and it achieves its goal by raising awareness on domestic violence.

What do you think? Would you be shock?



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