McDonald’s hires with.. SNAPCHAT!

Believe me or not, this is true!

The only thing is that you have 10.. seconds to convince them to hire you!

McDonald’s alias ‘Macca’ (as they said) in Australia thought that it was better to hire their collaborators with a Snapchat lens than with a resume. For this reason, McDonald’s ask the agency VML in Sydney to create a special lens for all the candidates.

By using this method McDonald’s would help the millennials to express themselves on their favourite and it would lead a more contemporary dimension.

However, McDonald’s remind that Snapchat would never replace a classic application even if motivation is easily detectable in 10 seconds.

Capture d’écran 2017-04-10 à 23.00.01.pngCapture d’écran 2017-04-10 à 23.00.12.png

Would you like to try to convince them in 10 seconds?



One thought on “McDonald’s hires with.. SNAPCHAT!

  1. Perita says:

    This post really gave more information for area that I am interested in- recruitment. Original way to find new potential employs and present the company with modern apps which is so attractive for young people.


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