A weekend in London

Hello everyone!

If you are currently living in London and one of your friends is coming or if you are planning to come to London for a weekend you might enjoy this post!

One weekend is really short to visit a huge city like London but it is possible if you are wearing comfortable footwear!

  • The first day:


You can spend your morning strolling around Portobello Market in Notting Hill, enjoy a brunch in Egg Break or in Farm Girl.

From Notting Hill by bus or by tube you can easily go to Camden and for instance, grab a dessert in the big Camden Market. Chin Chin Labs ice creams are amazing!image1.JPG

In the late afternoon, a shopping session in Oxford Circus is a great way to finish your day.

Later, when it’s dinner time and if you still are in this area, the Italian restaurant Cicchetti near Picadilly will surprise you with its wide choice of dishes and fresh food.

At night, if you fancy a cocktail on a nice rooftop Aqua is the place to go.

If you like going out, Soho is the place to be as you have many nice clubs: Toyroom, Le Cirque le Soir, Cuckoo, Maddox (I’ll write a post about the best night clubs in London).


  • The second day

If you wake-up early, you will notice that London is very quiet on Sunday morning and it is really pleasant!

Another day, another part of London, so let’s go to East London!

In the morning, Spitalfields Market and Brick Lane market are the places to be to eat all kind of food and to buy vintage stuff. If you have time, you can easily walk to Shoreditch which is as well a nice area.

The next stop is Embankment tube station in Central London, from there you can walk to Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, the London Eye, Trafalgar Square and walk along the Thames which extremely pleasant! Moreover, this tube station is also really close to the nice Covent Garden!



Hope you’ll try this program and enjoy your weekend in London!



2 thoughts on “A weekend in London

  1. Perita says:

    Such a nice program to visit London only for two days! Absolutely would try it on my next visit. As a foreign traveler this information and all mentioned places are so helpful!


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