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A few weeks ago, I discovered Pomona’s restaurant in Notting Hill, I truly felt in love with this place and it was a surprise for me to discover a place that I did not know about in my own neighborhood. .

Hidden in a residential street, Pomona’s is a peaceful and cute place for a lunch (Brunch or dinner) during the week or the weekends where the staff is lovely.

In addition, there is a terrace, and a patio as well that will be very comfortable during Summer time.

Pomona’s food is healthy, only made with seasonal and fresh products and it is DELICIOUS! All the meal are original and nicely presented!

Unfortunately, all the pictures that I took there weren’t really pretty, so please find below the pictures from Pomona’s Instagram and from people who have been there.

You definitely should try this place!


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Capture d’écran 2017-04-08 à 15.55.44.png


Capture d’écran 2017-04-08 à 15.54.04.png


47 Hereford Rd,

London W2 5AH



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