Pace Gallery: Transcending Boundaries


Hello everyone,

If you want to see a magical exhibition, the Pace Gallery in London is exploring the role of digital technology as an art, as a new boundary a work by TeamLab the Japanese collaborative of artists that brings together professionals from various fields of practice.

Moreover, this exhibition shows water flows, flowers and the transformation that water brings. People are encouraged to touch the walls to interact with this digital art.

It is pretty amazing and it does not look like something I have ever seen before: it is innovative, creative, and really unusual. People are pleased by the atmosphere created by TeamLab.

For anyone interested in going, but who thinks it’s impossible because it’s sold out on the website: a few people who hadn’t gotten tickets were able to get in when I was there.

PACE London 

6 Burlington Gardens

London W1S 3ET

Tel: +44 (0)20 3206 7600

teamLab show: Tues-Sat 11-4

Until 11th of March 




NB: The first photo is not mine but the two others are.



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