The Event of the Week/ London Fashion Week: The Burberry Makers House


Burberry launched a new Makers House event in London!


London Fashion week means.. The Burberry Makers House! It is time for the traditional Burberry Makers House, as the last one was held during the LFW in October and was really interesting.

This time, the following day after the Fashion Show, Burberry reorganised the place where the fashion show took place and prepared this amazing exhibition.

Indeed, for this new fashion week, Burberry’s new collection is inspired by the work of the British artist Henry Moore, as Christopher Bailey (Burberry’s CEO) spend hours during his childhood to contemplate Moore’s sculptures.

This Burberry’s Makers House is a tribute to Henry Moore, therefore is organised with Henry Moore’s work foundation, to explain their ‘Henry Moore: Inspiration & Process’ for this new collection. Hence, you can admire these sculptures as you are strolling around the collection


The entire collection is inspired by Henry Moore’s great and iconic figures exposed in the British landscape, all of them seems to be ‘human, soft and approachable’. This leads Burberry the desire for their collection to combine beauty and oddness with human and soft shapes. It is a real success as the collection pieces are extremely subtle and impressing.

All the details are precise and involve many hours of work, especially for their caps adorned with feathers or pebbles of crystal glass.



One of my favourite pieces of the collection -after all these magical caps of course- is this delicate lace dress wore with this comfy wool cardigan. I really loved those two pieces together, it’s brilliant.


Moreover, as this exhibition is surprising, you have the ability to get your portrait with the name of the event! How cool is that, right?


The Burberry Makers House is THE place to go this week, as it only last until next Monday, but it is definitely worth it, this is an impressive event.



(PS: this is free!)

Until Mon 27th February 2017

Makers House, 1 Manette St, Soho, London W1D 4AT



NB: Photos are mine


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