Movie of the month: LA LA LAND

Movie review (I don’t tell the story!)

Hi there,

I really wanted to write a review about La La Land, I know you would think that it is not original, as EVERYONE, EVERYWHERE is talking about this movie.

Though, all this success is justified by one reason which is that after watching it, you strangely feel extremely happy and the only thing you want to do is singing and dancing in the street.

La La Land is one of the only movies (maybe with Mamma Mia) which makes you forget about everything for one hour and a half and makes you have a great feeling after watching it, which is not the case with most of the other movies.

I’ve watched it four weeks ago and I am still listening to the songs every day .. I can’t get enough of these songs, it just makes me want to dance and smile all the time!

Moreover, I thought that Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling were a beautiful couple and were quite good actors.
The way of filming the movie is stunning and result in attractive lights and shadows which makes each scene magical and plunges us in Hollywood atmosphere and makes us forget that the movie is taking place in our time…

A lovely movie.

If you would like to listen to all the songs:


Leave a comment if you liked the movie 😉 !


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